Birds of a feather tweet together

social media for scientists

This session is for researchers who no longer need convincing that setting up a communication and outreach strategy is part of being a modern scientist or scholar. They also believe that social media has earned its place in this strategy. But they are not quite sure how to take it to the next level. Sure, they read the occasional blog or have created a Twitter account but now what? Esther will show you how social media can fit into the larger scheme of developing your skills, enlarging your network, and sharing your knowledge.


Esther De Smet is a Senior Research Policy Advisor at Ghent University with a penchant for knowledge management and communication. She actively develops policy on societal impact of research and is one of the project leads on the institutional research information system (GISMO). But her true calling is creating a stimulating and nurturing research environment at Ghent University and putting her university’s research on the local and global map. Esther invests a lot of time and energy into her personal network of researchers and other partners in research communication, and developing her own skills. She leads workshops on communication strategy, impact, digital presence and social media. Twitter is her medium of choice: she is the proud curator of @ResearchUGent since 2012 making her a frontrunner in harnessing social media in Flemish research communication.